BUNN Coffee Maker – Leaking Issues and How to fix 

Bunn has been setting up bars for other manufactures since decades with unbeatable quality and simplicity with no discrimination between commercial and home coffee makers, Bunn has given coffee making an entirely new definition by introducing several models keeping different needs in mind 

Bunn is not just a name; it is a brand which uses a system which is different than other manufacturers of Coffee Maker Reviews: Best Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews. Brewing is one of the most important parts of making coffee; Bunn brewer brews your coffee at 200°f. When Bunn coffee makers are designed 3 things are kept in mind  

  1. Time
  2. Speed
  3. Turbulence

But there is one issue with Bunn coffee brewers, and this issue is not very huge that it can’t be solved. A lot of people complain about hot water leaking out of their brewers, your brewer starts leaking due to improper maintenance and cleaning or simply because of overuse. 

One needs not to worry about water deposit as it can be cleaned with products available in your kitchen for instance with a toothpick and vinegar, if even after cleaning your brewer you still see water leakage then you must open it for deep cleaning, deep cleaning is a must every 4-5 months as it helps in expanding the life of your brewer  

To fix the leakage you need 2 things- 

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Seat washer kit

All you need to do to fix the leakage in your keurig coffee maker is to use your screwdriver to open the top and take all the screws out, open the HINGED FLIP-LID and take the screws out from there too, once you are done with opening the screws, you would see a plunger take it out and make sure you clean it every now and then take the top out and you would see a hole in the basin and under it would be the round shaped seat and that is where the problem lays. You will have to buy a new seat washer kit and it would be easily available in the market for about 2.29 dollars once you are done with the shopping all you need to do is place the new seat in the hole and put the screws and plunger back. You see leakage because the seal fails to connect properly and then water starts running out through the holes. 

To avoid leakage

clean your brewer on a monthly base and before starting to use your brewer make sure you read the instructions as for instance 10 cup velocity brewers of BUNN are not made up to hold water in the top for a very long period, they just don’t have that design and about phase brewer cleaning is very important as mineral deposits can easily clog it. To extend the life of a brewer cleaning every now and then is the key. Machines are like humans too they need care as well so make sure you clean it properly, vinegar solution is one of the best solution to all the mineral deposits  

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