BUNN Coffee Maker – Leaking Issues and How to fix 

Bunn has been setting up bars for other manufactures since decades with unbeatable quality and simplicity with no discrimination between commercial and home coffee makers, Bunn has given coffee making an entirely new definition by introducing several models keeping different needs in mind 

Bunn is not just a name; it is a brand which uses a system which is different than other manufacturers of Coffee Maker Reviews: Best Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews. Brewing is one of the most important parts of making coffee; Bunn brewer brews your coffee at 200°f. When Bunn coffee makers are designed 3 things are kept in mind  

  1. Time
  2. Speed
  3. Turbulence

But there is one issue with Bunn coffee brewers, and this issue is not very huge that it can’t be solved. A lot of people complain about hot water leaking out of their brewers, your brewer starts leaking due to improper maintenance and cleaning or simply because of overuse. 

One needs not to worry about water deposit as it can be cleaned with products available in your kitchen for instance with a toothpick and vinegar, if even after cleaning your brewer you still see water leakage then you must open it for deep cleaning, deep cleaning is a must every 4-5 months as it helps in expanding the life of your brewer  

To fix the leakage you need 2 things- 

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Seat washer kit

All you need to do to fix the leakage in your keurig coffee maker is to use your screwdriver to open the top and take all the screws out, open the HINGED FLIP-LID and take the screws out from there too, once you are done with opening the screws, you would see a plunger take it out and make sure you clean it every now and then take the top out and you would see a hole in the basin and under it would be the round shaped seat and that is where the problem lays. You will have to buy a new seat washer kit and it would be easily available in the market for about 2.29 dollars once you are done with the shopping all you need to do is place the new seat in the hole and put the screws and plunger back. You see leakage because the seal fails to connect properly and then water starts running out through the holes. 

To avoid leakage

clean your brewer on a monthly base and before starting to use your brewer make sure you read the instructions as for instance 10 cup velocity brewers of BUNN are not made up to hold water in the top for a very long period, they just don’t have that design and about phase brewer cleaning is very important as mineral deposits can easily clog it. To extend the life of a brewer cleaning every now and then is the key. Machines are like humans too they need care as well so make sure you clean it properly, vinegar solution is one of the best solution to all the mineral deposits  


10 Cup Professional BUNN Coffee Brewer  

Bunn is an American company, assembled in Canada offering great quality products since 1957. Bunn is one of the oldest coffee brewer manufacturers offering supreme quality coffee brewers to the consumers, product by BUNN work remarkably for years. 


When George Bunn started the BUNN Company in 1950’s he has 2 goals in mind one to keep things simple and other to brew fast. Today BUNN offers quality, speed, and simplicity. Thermal, decanter, pour over, single cup, you get all of this under one brand with no compromise in taste and quality. Today, in America BUNN is the fastest 10- cup coffee makers. 

Why BUNN? 

People across seas prefer BUNN hence it is one of the most popular brand, BUNN is at the top when it comes to customer satisfaction, BUNN Products are highly reliable, some customers state that Coffee Maker Reviews: Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System last up to 10yrs and gives amazing coffee within few minutes, on the chart of temperature control BUNN has received 5 stars as it brews coffee at the perfect temperature  

Let’s talk about one of the best 10 cup commercial brewers . 


This brewer is simply for people who come under the tag of heavy drinkers or for a small office And it is a lot similar to BUNN BMX but expensive and people get confused between which one to buy there is a minor difference between the two 

BUNN GBR keeps the coffee inside the carafe hot for about 2-3 hours, recommended for weekend trips/ short trip as it comes thermal carafe whereas BUNN BXB keeps the coffee inside the machine hot, doesn’t come with thermal carafe it comes with a normal glass carafe. 

Both the velocity brewers are for heavy usage  

BUNN GBR comes with a spray head to evenly spray hot water on the ground coffee and porcelain coated warmer 

when talking about Brewing just like BUNN NHS these two brewers also use displacement process, both of them come with 2 tanks, water goes into the internal tank, from the top add water within 3 minutes it gives  40 – 50oz of coffee and like other BUNN Brewers, these two also brew at an ideal temperature which is 200F, talking about the quality  

Have greatly constructed carafe, one has thermal and the other glass, thermal is preferred more by the users as it makes the brewer highly portable. BUNN GBR and BXB both are made up of stainless steel even the internal tank is, durable.  These velocity brewers can work for years and years with regular cleaning 

Pros –  

  1. Built like a tank

2.comes with an internal tank  

  1. Comes with Spray head
  2. Easy to control, simply one touch

Cons – 

  1. Requires regular cleaning
  2. Expensive if occasionally used
  3. ‘Always on’, as the tank and heat up quickly

Conclusion –  

Recommended for big families and for commercial use 

BUNN GBR is portable as it comes with a thermal carafe so it is recommended for Travelers, both GBR and BXB are going to last for years. 


How to make coffee in a commercial coffee maker? 

For some people, coffee is a way of living if they don’t get a cup of coffee when they wake up their mood gets spoiled and to get their mood back on track they need coffee so for the coffee is as important as breathing so to make sure they only get a kick-start to their day here are the instructions on how to make the best coffee in the best coffee brewer. 

Lets together make the best coffee in the world  

Steps –  

  1. Open the flip-lid
  2. You can see there is a warmer switch on your brewer place a funnel under it and a decanter on it. 
  3. Fill the top area with the water and now you need to wait for about 2minutes so that the water can move to the tank.
  4. Once the tank gets filled you will be able to see that is flowing towards the decanter through the funnel.
  5. It’time to close the flip-lid and to plug in the coffee maker. 
  6. On the left side of the brewer is theonspot. 
  7. Now you need to wait for about 10to 15 minutes till the temperature of the water reaches the ideal temperature
  8. If there is any water in the decanter, just empty it.
  9. Now take abunnfilter and insert it into the funnel, measure coffee into the BUNN coffee filter and shake it  
  10. Do not forget to check the spray head, it needs to be tight.
  11. Time to slide your funnel under  warmer switch  
  12. Now you need to place your decanter beneath the funnel on the warmer, turn the brewer on.
  13. Time to add some water on the top, open the lid and pour some water.
  14. Once you are done adding water your brewer would start brewing
  15. When it stops brewing just remove the funnel you used and throw the grounds and filter.
  16. Make sure you do not touch the hot ones.


Some do’s and don’ts for you so that your coffee does not get spoiled, if you are going to follow these do’s and don’ts your brewer would live up to 10 to 20yrs. 

  1. Make sure you always use only clean equipment
  2. Only use BUNN filters as there is a certain difference between normal filters and BUNN filters, BUNN filters are specially made for BUNN Brewers.
  3. Each time try using fresh water, it makes a difference.
  4. Use porcelain warmer for perfect temperature
  5. Do not keep your coffee in the brewer for more than an hour
  6. After each use clean it, use a damp cloth to wipe the brewer
  7. If you live in an area where there is hard water then every 3-4 months give your brewer detailed cleaning.

If you do not clean your equipment and your brewer properly it might start leaking and that would be a big problem, to make sure it lives up to its life clean it regularly. That’s all for do’s, don’ts and the instructions.