Copper pan

Reasons why copper pan is a Must to have

Why copper and why not iron? lets know, Copper is something which is known for its perfection  but still some people get confused between copper and iron so this article is dedicated to those people so that they can easily make a decision, copper fits in any kitchen no matter which interior the kitchen has, class and perfection are the two words which can easily describe copper cookware.  

Here are some reason why we should buy copper cookware 


There is no comparison between iron cookware and copper cookware when it comes to heat conduction copper is far better than iron pans, though iron cookware is highly popular in the North America only because of its durability, taking about copper cookware, copper cookware is the best as copper is said to be a good conductor of heat  which gives you the control over the temperature and makes sure that heat is evenly spread across the pan even the food in copper pans and pots stay hot for longer period. 

Copper is said to be expensive but the thing is you can buy any pan three times a year in the same amount or can invest once for decades 

Hygiene and copper are two inseparable best friends as copper has some antibacterial properties, copper is by nature toxic to bacteria. hygiene is one of the most important factors which one needs to see before buying any cookware as food can keep as healthy and can also make us fall sick 


Copper can easily react with food but one needs not to worry about direct contact between copper and food as copper pans mostly come with tin layer and some with stainless steel and copper with time changes color but doesn’t harm food or compromise with taste copper cookware makes your kitchen looks amazingly classy as all copper pans and pots are made beautifully and have shining properties . SolidGoldEat’s review of the Copper Chef Pans is easily clean as compared to iron, if you leave food in the iron pans then it is going to be a big struggle cleaning it.



  1. Easily heats up and easily cools down
  2. Highly durable, though changes color
  3. Beautiful
  4. hygienic 
  5. Gives temperature control, no half cooked food or burnt
  6. Lighter as compared to iron
  7. No place for Hotspots


  1. Can’t easily take high Temperature
  2. Tin layer requires maintenance
  3. Expensive
  4. Requires polishing frequently  
  5. Some models don’t work with induction


  1. Takes time to heat up
  2. Durable if seasoned with oil every 6-8 months for hours
  3. If not seasoned can be unhygienic
  4. Heavier than copper


Copper is good with heat conduction (source) and it never gives you half cooked food, does not compromise with health, keeps bacterias away, easy to lift stays with you for decades with proper maintenance though a little expensive but worth the price. Copper cookware is the best and a must to have as well.