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How to clean a Gas Grill? 

If it’s a summer evening and you wish not to waste your day and do something exciting then there is no better option than grilling, but what if your Gasgrill is not functioning exactly the way it is supposed to, Gas grill’s are highly durable and if you see your grill not living up to its shelf life then it simply means that you love grilling but not cleaning. Maintaining your grill is very important for its life. not cleaning your gas grill can at times be dangerous as it can get clogged and result in a fire. Maintenance might have a lot of alphabets but it doesn’t require a lot of hard work. 

3 things to keep in mind when you own a gas grill – 

  1. whenever you use your gas grill make sure you check for leaks ( propane leaks ) for checking leakage you can use soapy water, put soapy water on the gas line if there are any bubbles then there is a leakage which simply means you need to change the gas line.
  2. If not using your grill just cover it so that it doesn’t get dirty and doesn’t get rust. you can easily get the covers in the market.
  3. Cleaning your grill is a must after every use cleans it, Grates require brushing and the exterior wiping and for this, you would require a wipe and a grill brush.

How to clean your grill – 

8 basic steps for cleaning gas grills are – 

  1. All you need for cleaning your gas grill is-
  2. Grill brush
  3. Soap Water
  4. Empty bucket
  5. Sponge
  6. It’s time to brush your grates with a little force so that you remove all the charred flesh and chunks, you can even use a metal scraper.
  7. once Done brushing the top grateitstime to take your grates out so that you can brush the bottom. 
  8. it’s time to wash your burner protectors, take them out one by one and use your bucket full of soap-water to wash them, you need to scrub them properly with the help of your sponge.
  9. the next step is to wipe the burners if you can easily remove them easily then do so or else just wipe them with your sponge with soapy water.
  10. Now the plates need to be cleaned and this cleaning can be a little stubborn, you can easily pull the plates out and clean them with your brush you will encounter a big layer of char so you can not use your sponge, you do not need to worry as the grill brush would do the job. 
  11. The last thing that you need to do is take the bottom tray out and clean the edges, the tray easily slides out. just scrape the chunks and later use your sponge
  12. The only thing that is left is the rearranging of your the grill, put the tray, plates, burner protectors and the grates back.

Now your grill is ready to make amazing food and you too would love grilling on your clean grill. 


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