How to make coffee in a commercial coffee maker? 

For some people, coffee is a way of living if they don’t get a cup of coffee when they wake up their mood gets spoiled and to get their mood back on track they need coffee so for the coffee is as important as breathing so to make sure they only get a kick-start to their day here are the instructions on how to make the best coffee in the best coffee brewer. 

Lets together make the best coffee in the world  

Steps –  

  1. Open the flip-lid
  2. You can see there is a warmer switch on your brewer place a funnel under it and a decanter on it. 
  3. Fill the top area with the water and now you need to wait for about 2minutes so that the water can move to the tank.
  4. Once the tank gets filled you will be able to see that is flowing towards the decanter through the funnel.
  5. It’time to close the flip-lid and to plug in the coffee maker. 
  6. On the left side of the brewer is theonspot. 
  7. Now you need to wait for about 10to 15 minutes till the temperature of the water reaches the ideal temperature
  8. If there is any water in the decanter, just empty it.
  9. Now take abunnfilter and insert it into the funnel, measure coffee into the BUNN coffee filter and shake it  
  10. Do not forget to check the spray head, it needs to be tight.
  11. Time to slide your funnel under  warmer switch  
  12. Now you need to place your decanter beneath the funnel on the warmer, turn the brewer on.
  13. Time to add some water on the top, open the lid and pour some water.
  14. Once you are done adding water your brewer would start brewing
  15. When it stops brewing just remove the funnel you used and throw the grounds and filter.
  16. Make sure you do not touch the hot ones.



Some do’s and don’ts for you so that your coffee does not get spoiled, if you are going to follow these do’s and don’ts your brewer would live up to 10 to 20yrs. 

  1. Make sure you always use only clean equipment
  2. Only use BUNN filters as there is a certain difference between normal filters and BUNN filters, BUNN filters are specially made for BUNN Brewers.
  3. Each time try using fresh water, it makes a difference.
  4. Use porcelain warmer for perfect temperature
  5. Do not keep your coffee in the brewer for more than an hour
  6. After each use clean it, use a damp cloth to wipe the brewer
  7. If you live in an area where there is hard water then every 3-4 months give your brewer detailed cleaning.

If you do not clean your equipment and your brewer properly it might start leaking and that would be a big problem, to make sure it lives up to its life clean it regularly. That’s all for do’s, don’ts and the instructions. 


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